Results Through Resilience (TM) LLC

Success starts with building YOUR PERSONAL RESILIENCE.

Learn easy steps to access your creativity and innovation while reducing stress, anxiety and reduce or eliminate stress related health issues.   The results will  help build your confidence, enable you to stay calm under pressure,  improve decision making and quality of communication.  

 Build Your Resilience For Success! 

I have taught thousands of corporate employees,  US Military Veterans and International classes empowering individuals to build their resilience and reduce the effects of stress, anxiety. and PTSD.  

Claudia Weber, M.A. 

Executive Director, Results Through Resilience

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Licensed HeartMath(TM) Corporate Trainer

Licensed HeartMath(TM) Resilience Coach

Certified Behavioral Analyst


 U.S. Navy Veteran with expertise in trauma counseling,  change management and corporate leadership  providing a unique and well balanced perspective to successfully teach and guide you to identify and release patterns that are preventing you from reaching your optimal performance. 


 I will guide you to quickly release patterns, connect with your inner wisdom, take control to manage your emotions and your energy.

Are you ready for a transformation? 

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